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Jennifer Trost

School of Music

The Pennsylvania State University

210 Music Building II

University Park, PA 16802

Office Tel. (814) 863-4402


740 Hillcrest Ave.

State College, PA 16803

Home Tel. (814) 234-1664

Cell: (814) 574-5391

Home Email:

Opera Roles Performed

Opera Roles Covered

Performing Organizations

Aspen = Aspen Music Festival, Aspen, CO

BRF = Bayerisches Rundfunk, Munich, Germany

BSO = Bayerische Staatsoper, Munich, Germany

DWB = Die Wuppertaler Bühnen, Wuppertal, Germany

LAMCO = Los Angeles Music Center Opera (now Los Angeles Opera), Los Angeles, CA

LAMCO-RA = Los Angeles Music Center Opera Resident Artist Tour,

                      Performances for Los Angeles Area Schools, Los Angeles, CA

Ojai = Ojai Music Festival, Ojai, CA

PSU = Penn State Opera Theatre, State College, PA

Salzburg = Salzburg Music Festival, Salzburg, Austria

SFO = Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, NM

USC = University of Southern California Opera Workshop, Los Angeles, CA

Zachary = The Loren L Zachary Society for the Performing Arts fundraising performance,

                      Los Angeles, CA

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